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Did you Watch Hotel Transylvania 3 full movie online yet? Hotel Transylvania 3 is hilariously funny at first, but then it was being dragged out and was becoming predictable. I also felt that the movie was a bit all over the place, I didn’t quite know what was happening sometimes. I did not feel the movie series of Hotel Transylvania need a third movie or even a sequel. Though the sequel was somewhat promising, I was expecting the same for the third, but then did not get it. Overall, this is definitely a movie I’d only was once then keep wondering about during my life.

Hotel Transylvania 3 full movie

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Deadpool 2 This movie is great I have watched this movie 4 times already with my daughter we loved the first 2 but this one takes everything to a new level an adds new characters that will sure be most fan favorites..I do like that fact that they actually got away from they hotel an actually tried something was a great touch. There is nonstop laughter..its everything you should want out of a kids movie.. dont believe everything people say..I may have a different opinion due to the fact I am a father an I have a little girl..if you have a kid go see this movie..I’m going again tomorrow.Though the film lacks the emotional backbone and steadier plot of the first one, I found this to be genuinely fun makes up for the lackluster and slightly mean-spirited second film.

The main plot in this is a little predictable. Not bad, just obvious. But, this film is more about the journey than the destination. The installment is more segmented, following the many, many monsters in their own storylines. This is actually to HT3’s benefit. The main emphasis here is humor and they mine the heck out of it. Think of HT3 as more of a series of Saturday morning cartoon/Looney Tunes-style skits.

Director and animation veteran Gendy Tartakovsky, ups his game with his unique style of distinctive animation and fluidity of movement. (Again a very old-school cartoon-style.) The new character Ericka, the captain of the ship, is especially impressive in the sheer amount of detail given to her various facial expressions and body motions. The characters remain distinctive-looking and colorful. The cruise ship setting really pays off with the different attractions the characters visit are visually arresting.

The movie also solves the previous villain problems of the last two films. Rather than have a shoehorned in villain who appears briefly and feels more like an afterthought, we finally have villains who appear throughout and are actually vital to the plot.

There are two little weak spots to the film for me. First, there’s Ericka’s chin. It’s just a little too pointy and oddly angled for its own good. Second, the movie gives children the misguided message that love exists immediately at first sight.

Again, this may not be a Pixar/Disney level movie but is entertaining in its own little way.

LOVED THIS MOVIE! The graphics were amazing! There was so much subtle humor going on with all of the characters that I could watch the movie 20 times and still have funny characters to laugh at. FUN FUN FUN! Hotel Transylvania 3 is just a money grab off what has been a successful movie franchise. There are numerous music and dancing sequences that seem only to exist to get the movie to the 97 minute mark. Not nearly as funny as the first 2, nor as heartwarming. Extremely cheesy writing.
There are scenes that only exist for 3D viewers, so watching the standard format of the movie, the scene feels strange and like it is dragging. Personally I hate it when scenes are added just for 3D effect, rather than having the shot flow organically with the rest of the film. Basically if watching it in standard format, the scene causes me to fall out of the story and think, “hey this is just for 3D viewers”, I consider it a major fail. Good directing and editing can provide visually stimulating scenes without taking the viewer out of the story.